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Pastoral Care - Tréadchúram

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Tréadchúram / Pastoral Care

In line with the policy for maximising the potential of each pupil the school recognises that it has a responsibility to do everything possible to care for the physical and emotional well-being of all pupils. The school will endeavour to provide a comfortable and safe environment for learning. Each class teacher will have initial responsibility for looking after the pastoral needs of the children in his/ her class.
Class teachers will attempt to resolve the worries of pupils and to relieve their anxieties. Class teachers in turn will inform either, Head of Key Stage, the Vice-Principal or the Principal of matters requiring more urgent attention. The school should be given any information about the child’s health or allergies of which the teacher should be aware. The school has no facilities for dealing with sick children. When a child is sick or injured the school will attempt to contact the parents. If this is not possible and it is considered the child needs medical attention then he/she will be brought to the Health Centre or Hospital. In all cases it will be school policy to act in the best interests of the child. We have a Pastoral Care Policy in place in the school. 

It is the school policy that behaviour should be based on respect for oneself, respect for other pupils, respect for adults and respect for property. We wish to promote good behaviour through positive rewards on a class and whole school basis. There are weekly and monthly merit awards to recognize children who have stood out amongst their peers. Cases of minor misbehaviour are recorded by the class teacher and, if necessary, parents are asked to come and discuss unacceptable behaviour with the class teacher. In serious cases of misbehaviour parents will be contacted. Parents may receive a written report, or be invited to come to the school to discuss the matter with the teacher or principal. There is a policy on behaviour in the school. 
The procedure is devised with the intention that it will:
  • Usually be possible to resolve problems by informal means
  • Be simple to use and understand
  • Be non-adversarial
  • Provide confidentiality
  • Allow problems to be handled swiftly
  • Address all the points at issue and
  • Inform future practice so that the problem is unlikely to recur.
From time to time parents, and others connected with school will become aware of matters which cause them concern. To encourage resolution of such situations the governing body has adopted a ‘General Complaints Procedure.’  

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